Cosmopolites sordidus Other common names: banana root borer; piesangworterlboorder (A); broca-da-bananiera, gorgulho-da-bananeira (P) Authors: E.A. de Villiers, P.S. Schoeman, M.S. Daneel. Text extracted with permission from the editors from: Prinsloo, G.L. & Uys, V.M (Eds) 2015. Insects of Cultivated Plants and Natural Pastures in Southern Africa. Entomological Society of Southern Africa. Buy the book. ORIGIN AND […]

African Bollworm

Helicoverpa armigera Other common names: American bollworm, cotton bollworm, Old World Bollworm, tomato caterpillar; Afrikabolwurm, Amerikaanse bolwurm, katoenbolwurm (A); lagarta-americana; lagarta-do-tomate (P) Identification On apples, the eggs are initially white with vertically longitudinal ribs. As the embryo matures the eggs become darker and just prior to hatching the are almost black. As the larva matures […]