Aphid Card Box

aphid card box

This Aphid Card Box® is convenient for transporting your pre-glued aphid cards to and from your orchard, field, greenhouse or nursery.

This wooden box can store up to 20 Aphid Cards, which are positioned vertically in slots for easy accessibility for placing or removing them in the field.

Length: 305 mm
Width: 275 mm
Height: 190 mm
Weight: 2.45 kg

20 Aphid Cards

Boxes sold individually

Dichlorvos Blocks

These foil pouches contain two square Dichlorvos blocks, which are used inside McPhail, Sensus, Moroccan and all Bucket Funnel Traps™ to knock down any insects entering these traps.

To knock down all insects entering traps to assist in the ease of counting insects during weekly inspection.

One dichlorvos block per trap and replaced every 6 weeks.

These dichlorvos block contain 195 g / Kg of dichlorvos and once placed inside the trap it starts to release a gas that will knock down all insect entering the trap.

Length: 100 mm

Width: 65 mm

Weight: 6 grams

2 per pack

100 bulk foil pouch

Store in cool place at all times and use surgical gloves when handling these blocks.

Extension Poles

Extension Pole

This aluminium Extension Poles are used to apply our Last Call™ range for tree crops into the top one third of the trees. Extension poles come in two different sizes a 1.5-meter pole that is mainly used in Citrus, Apples and Pear production or similar height crops. The 2.5-meter pole is used in Macadamia’s orchards or for higher than 4.0-meters crops.

The Last Call™ tube slides into the top part of the extension pole; at the bottom of the pole is a trigger and cable that runs to the top of the pole. The tube’s pump head is squeezed which in turn produces a standard size droplet of 50 micro litres. Once the droplet is produce wipe is off against the leave.

Length: 1,5 m
Weight: 1,350 grams (1,35 kg)
Length: 3,0 m
Weight: 1,900 grams (1,9 Kg)

Single Extension Pole


Flytac® is a solvent free, non-toxic, non-flammable, water based adhesive, which becomes extremely tacky when comes into contact with carbon dioxide.

Flytac® is paint-on adhesive for Aphid Cards, White Scale Cards, Yellow Cards and Blue Cards to ensure that insects attracted to these cards that make contact with the card will get stuck, until you clean the card and count the insects.

Firstly apply Gladwrap around (over) the monitoring card and then apply the FlyTac®. Slide all your pre-glued cards into the relevant Scale Card or Aphid Card Box® for easy transportation to the field or orchard. Hang these cards out at ideal trapping zone that might differ from target insect to insect.

One week later you collect and replace these cards, once you finished counting these insects you remove the gladwarp and you cards will be ready to repeat the process as described above.

Height: 120 mm
Width: 135 mm
Weight: 1,070 grams (1, 07 Kg)

1 Kg of Flytac® can cover up to 500 Cards.

1Kg of FlyTac®
25Kg of FlyTac®

Fruit Fly ID Sheets

These Fruit Fly ID Sheets are used for the easy identification of the economically important fruit flies that are known to attack various fruit types within Africa. The three main types are Ceratitus capitata Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitus cosyra: Marula fruit fly, Ceratitus rosa: Natal fruit fly.

Fruit flies cause a lot of fruit loss from stinging the fruit. It is actually the female that is laying eggs in the fruit after mating with the male. The female lays the eggs just below the skin or surface of the fruit and this is what we see as the sting. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae of the fruit fly, which are small maggots at this stage, feed off the inside of the fruit before turning into adult fruit fly. The end result is spoilt fruit that goes rotten and is wasted.

Use these ID sheets in combination with your fruit fly traps to assist in the correct infield identification of different fruit flies that has been caught in the weekly monitoring traps.

1 x A4 Laminated sheet.

Glad wrap

Use Glad wrap 10 micron to enclose Scale Cards and Yellow Cards in the field, to protect insects caught for later counting and identification.

Height: 100 mm
Diameter: 750 mm
Weight: 155 grams

One role of Gladwrap will cover up to 500 Cards.

Contains 1 roll of Gladwrap.

Glue Remover

This product can be used to remove the glue from Blue Cards, Scale Cards (Card Board) and the Yellow Cards. It can also be used to remove FlyTac® from Aphid Cards™ and Scale Cards (Plastic).

Height: 250 mm

Width: 100 mm

Weight: 1,000 grams (1 Litre)

Store in Fridge at all times.

Contains 1 glass bottle of Glue Remover

Magnifying Glass

Originally developed to facilitated tread count in textiles, this collapsible magnifier is recommended when and easily carried, fixed focus glass is needed to identify insect in field. Black anodized

aluminium base quickly unfolds to become self-standing. White division markers are provided on base to determine the correct size of insects.

Recommended where accuracy of image is required.

Folding pocket magnifiers have lenses made of optically ground and polished glass. Lens is (30 mm) diameter, and folds flat to be stored in pouch supplied.

Height: 15 mm
Length: 55 mm
Width: 40 mm
Weight: 100 grams

1 per Pack.

Red Scale ID Card

Red Scale Infestation Indication Chart was developed to assist growers to understand the live cycle of the red scale and to enhance the ease of counting by comparing the scale cards recovered from the field with the actual size cards illustrated. At the bottom of the chart is a weekly reminder sheet the grower can make on when he should replace the C.R.S. PheroLure®. These PheroLures last for a period of 5 weeks after placement in the field. The infestation chart will also assist the grower to calculate the degree-day module to determine crawler movement to time chemical application.

Once scale cards are recovered from the field the grower compare scale cards to the illustrated cards on the chart to determine the population range without actually counting all the red scale males on both of the scale cards. Follow then the degree-day module to time crawler movement.

One per farm or one per technical advisors office

Height: 590 mm
Length: 810 mm
Weight: 200 grams

Sold individually

Scale Box Card ®

Scale Card Box

Use these Scale Card Boxes to take your pre-glued Scale Cards, Yellow Cards and Blue Cards to the orchard, field and greenhouse for monitoring of Red Scale, Citrus Mealybug, Citrus Thrips, Western Flower Thrips, White Fly, Leafhoppers and many more.

Height: 170 mm
Length: 370 mm
Width: 235 mm
Weight: 3,45 kg

1 Scale Card Box® fits (40 cards)Packaging:

Boxes sold individually

Stikem Glue

Stikem Glue is used with other Integrated Pest Management techniques for safe, economical crop and horticultural pest management. Stikem will hold up in a wide variety of weather conditions, and remains sticky all season or until coated with insects or dust. This non-toxic, remarkably effective adhesive is used on our Scale Card (Cardboard) and our Delta trap Sticky Liner.

Height: 200 mm
Width: 220 mm
Weight: 5,000 grams (5 Kg)

Sold individually