Bucket Funnel Trap ®

This is the most advanced Bucket Funnel Trap® in the current global market. By manufacturing our own Bucket Funnel Traps® we have managed to eliminate the previous weaknesses experienced and have developed a far superior and durable product. The following are some of the improvements we have made:

  • Attachment points have been strengthened by 50% for longer lasting effect.
  • The brims of both the bucket and lid have been reinforced for robust usage.
  • The life expectancy has been increased by adding a UV protector agent.

The system consists of three heavy-duty parts, which slide into each other effortlessly. The trap is suspended by a wire/string using the top dome lid attachments.The PheroLure® which attracts the insects, is placed inside the clear plastic cage that is inserted into the top of the dome lid. All insects entering the trap are killed by the Dichlorvos block inside the bucket section. These traps are used for mass trapping and monitoring of, amongst others, larger Lepidoptera moths like African Bollworm, Tomato Semi-Looper, Cabbage Looper, Cutworms, Spotted Stem Borers and Maize Stalk Borers.

The Bucket Funnel Trap® comes in three different colours.

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White

The sections are interchangeable according to the customer’s needs.

The yellow Bucket Funnel Trap® has become a popular trap in various crops. One of its main functions is used for African Bollworm. They have become a huge problem in vegetables and some fruit crops. Once eggs hatch the larvae grow quickly and damage crops, eating their way through a farmer’s profit.

For monitoring use 1 – 2 traps per 5 Ha.

For Mass Trapping control use between 4 – 20 traps per Ha depending on the crop.

Height: 215 mm

Width: 160 mm

Weight: 250 grams

Wire: 260 mm, non-rust steel (galvanized)

Sold individually

How to assemble an Insect Science®  Bucket Funnel Trap® 

Below: Insect Science®  Bucket Funnel Trap® in action in Zimbabwe catching FAW. 

Insect Science®  Bucket Funnel Trap® distributed by  Cropserve


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