Delta Trap

Delta Traps are one of Insect Science’s most popular and dynamic devices. These cost-effective, readily assembled traps are easy to use enabling fast implementation for a quick infestation count. Delta Traps are the trap of choice for small Lepidoptera pests. These delta traps are available in yellow and white coryx (plastic), each colour specific to attract distinctive insects and come complete with a wire attachment for suspension. These Delta Traps are used in conjunction with White Sticky Liners and PheroLures. At the bottom of each Delta Trap is a record sheet printed for monitoring.

The White Delta Traps are highly effective and perfect for monitoring small Lepidoptera moths like Codling Moth and Oriental Moth.The Yellow Delta Traps® are highly effective and perfect for monitoring small Lepidoptera moths like False Codling Moth, Macadamia Nut Borer, Indian Meal Moth, Fruit Flies and Vine Mealybug.

The Sticky liner is placed inside the Delta Trap protecting it from dust and humidity while ensuring exceptionally long life and capture reliability. The Sticky liner is covered in our powerful Stikem Glue, trapping insects immediately on contact. A PheroLure® either in the form of a cap, a rubber septa or a volatile bulb, is used to monitor in orchards, large row crops, plantations, small vegetable gardens and indoors.

The Delta Trap is used for many insect species because of its unique mode of action of how it releases a pheromone into the environment which increases the attraction of the pheromone used.

For orchard monitoring use 1 trap per 5 – 10 Ha.

For row crop monitoring use 1 trap per 25 – 50 Ha.

Height: 110 mm

Length: 280 mm

Width: 200 mm

Weight: 110 grams (includes sticky liner)

Wire: 600 – 700 mm, non-rust steel (galvanized)

1 Pack contains 5 traps and wires.

How to assemble the Delta Trap


Below: A Sticky Liner used in conjunction with a Delta Trap


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