M 3 Square

The ready-to-use M3 Square is for the control of agriculturally important fruit fly species attacking citrus, deciduous and subtropical fruit. The use of this product should go a long way in ensuring that growers are doing the “right” thing with respect to EUROGAP and that their fruit will not pose a phytosanitary risk to importing countries. The M3 Square has provided the fresh fruit industries with an integrated pest management tool that is safe to both the environment and the consumer. There is no danger of pesticide residue occurring on the fruit, as the Station reduces and even removes the need to spray fruit. Spraying can have serious side effects on the environment, consumers and even farm workers.

Please note that the M3 needs to be applied correctly in the tree to get the most benefit out of the rain resistant attribute. The M3 must hang slightly in the canopy of the tree and horizontal. The shape of the M3 has also changed slightly to further improve rain resistance.

The M3 Square is loaded with an attractant, consisting of protein hydrolysate and a proprietary mixture of plant extracts and a toxicant. The principle by which the M3 Square works is commonly known as Attract and Kill. Many species of female fruit flies require a protein meal before reproduction can commence and are therefore attracted to the M3 Square. By feeding or simply coming into contact with it they are affected by the toxicant and die. The females are selectively removed while the male population remain the same. However, a decrease in male numbers would be expected, due to the males not colonising an area because of a lack of females present.

Use 300 M3 Squares per Ha in citrus and subtropical orchards where trees are up to 5 meters tall. In the case of taller trees, 400 M3 Squares per Ha is recommended and should be hung 3 meters or higher above the orchard floor. In deciduous fruit orchards and grape vines a minimum of 400 M3 Squares per Ha is recommended, irrespective of the tree or vine size. The M3 Squares must be distributed evenly over the designated orchard area. For instance, in the case of 500 trees per Ha, not every tree will be allocated with a M3 Squares.

Height: 80 mm

Width: 70 mm

Weight: 200 grams (incl. clips and sponges)

1 Pack contains:

12 complete M3 Squares