Panel Trap ®

Insect Science® manufacture an innovative Panel Trap® which is exceptional for monitoring forest pests universally. Its distinctive design was developed in co-operation with Oregon State University and the US Forest Service to specifically target Bark Beetles, Ambrosia Beetles, Palm Weevils and many other wood borers that attack forests and palms. It offers lightweight durability, easy assembly, resistance to harsh weather conditions and convenient storage when flattened. The Panel Trap® is hung from a panel trap hanger, fastened to the trunk of the tree. This product is exported worldwide.

The PheroLure® is suspended in the central window of the trap, which attracts the insects. They try to land on the concave cross section design which mimics a large tree’s diameter. The design confuses them to misjudge their landing and fall into the bucket section of the Panel Trap®. The bucket is easily detached for monitoring purposes. The PheroLure®should be changed when necessary.

While simulating a tree of large diameter, the trap provides a large surface area to maximize trapping. The cross section design mimics a large diameter tree, confusing pests to misjudge their landing approach.

Fruit crops: 1 trap per 5 – 10 Ha

Forestry: 3 traps per monitoring station

Height: 1,1 m

Width: 220 mm

Weight: 550 grams

Wire: 260 mm, non-rust steel

Sold individually