Scale Card (Card Board)

Scale Cards are manufactured by Insect Science® from poly-coated, pre-glued cardboard which are disposable.

These scale cards have the scientifically proven UC grid, which facilitates easier insect counting. When the insects are counted on the 24 specially marked squares and multiplied by 5, an accurate figure is attained.

The card comes pre-coated with our Stikem Glue and folded in half, glue side in. To activate, reverse the fold, glue side out and attach the PheroLure® to the galvanized wire. Suspend to the top of the card where indicated.

This card is effective for all scale insects, including California Red Scale and Citrus Mealy Bug. It can also be adapted for use as a tent trap.

Tree crops: 1 trap per 2 Ha

Length: 155 mm

Width: 85 mm

Weight: 200 grams (with glue)

Wire: 60 mm, non-rust steel (galvanized)

1 Pack contains 20 cards.