Yellow & Blue Sticky Card

The Yellow / Blue Sticky Card trapping system consists of a pre-coated plastic card and a wire. These pre-coated cards have the Standard UC grid design, which facilitates the counting of insects. The card and wire are attached to a pole or trap stand. These Yellow / Blue Sticky Cards can be used in greenhouses, open fields, orchards, vineyards and home gardens to monitor Thrip, Aphids, Leaf Miners and White Fly populations.

  • Standard UC grid design for ease of counting trapped insects
  • Scientific proven yellow and blue wavelength colour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy applyable
  • Highly attractive to insect pests
  • Easy to handle

The glue is UV light stable, and adheres more to the board than to human skin or clothing fibre. It is truly clean touch.

  • Monitoring only
  • Open field: 1 card per 2 Ha
  • Tunnel houses: 1 card per 250 square meter
  • Trap: 125 mm x 78 mm
  • Wire: 260 mm, non-rust steel (galvanized)
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • 1 Pack contains 20 cards.