Attract & Kill

The Last Call™ Range is a unique formulation and a breakthrough in responsible pest management. The attract-and-kill method uses an attractant impregnated with pheromone to exactly mimic the female insect’s natural pheromone. The attractant is also impregnated with an insecticide which will kill the targeted insect on contact. The pheromone is released at a very specific rate and will attract the male of the species. The male, thinking it’s a female, will make contact with a droplet of the attractant and will die within minutes of contact.

The Last Call™ formulation is applied to branches or leaves without touching the edible parts of the crop. This process, together with the use of only a small amount of insecticide, means that Last Call™ offers a safer, cost effective and more environmentally friendly solution to effective integrated pest management.

This technology has been successfully tested and proven for over 20 years. Multiple formulations have been developed for fruit and vegetable crops and, with ongoing research, the technology holds tremendous potential for all markets to produce crops in a more natural way, using a limited amount of insecticides.


Our LastCall™ attract and kill range: 

  • Last Call™: False codling moth
  • Last Call™: Fruit fly
  • Last Call™: Macadamia nut borer
  • Last Call™: Potato tuber moth
  • Last Call™ : Diamondback moth
  • Last Call™ : Citrus flower moth
  • Last Call™ : Tomato leaf miner
  • Last Call™ : Litchi fruit moth

Products available subject to registration in country of purchase.

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How it works

Last Call™’s composition is a unique blend of species specific sex pheromone, combined with a contact insecticide in a slow release paste-like matrix. Small droplets are applied to the plant through a recalibrated pump head. These droplets mimic a female signalling to a male for mating. When a male finds the droplet he lands on it, thinking he has found a female. The droplet releases a constant amount of pheromone over a 6-week period, during which time it can be visited by multiple males. On contact with the droplet, the male picks up enough insecticide to kill him within minutes, thereby preventing mating and depleting the population, leaving your orchard pest free. A follow-up application is recommended.

Benefits of the technology


Last Call™ is applied to every tree in every row in the orchard, leaving fruit residue-free and reducing risk to consumers.

Water resistant

Last Call™ is rain-fast and can be applied during wet conditions or even under a centre pivot irrigation system, saving reapplication costs.

No drift

Last Call™ does not drift in the wind during application, as with conventional chemicals, allowing the crop to stay insecticide free.

Worker safety

No protective clothing is required during application and no re-entry time is necessary.

Friendly alternative

Last Call™ offers a friendly alternative to conventional chemicals, which protects beneficial insects, lowering the risk of outbreaks of secondary insects.

No equipment needed

No heavy spray equipment or tractors are needed to apply Last Call™, which saves costs and preserves the soil from compaction.

Long lasting

After a single application, Last Call™ is effective for a period of 6 weeks, saving time and cost.

Hinder resistance

Last Call™ hinders resistance to pesticides as it only targets the adult males in the insect’s life cycle.