Insect Science manufactures a wide range of traps for the monitoring and mass trapping of pests in a safe, eco-friendly way. Traps are used in combination with a species-specific pheromone-based lure in order to ensure a highly effective, targeted approach.

Monitoring of insects has become an important science in farming, allowing growers to detect and then manage insect pests at an early stage in different crops. Each trap has been extensively field tested in different climatic conditions on various crops, over several years to ensure the most effective combination of the PheroLure® and trap. Our traps our designed with our responsible pest management approach in mind and can be used as part of a broader intergrated pest management (IPM) programme.

Shape, size and colour play an important role when designing a quality trap and our research includes in depth analyses of the most effective solution for each pest species. We strive to produce high quality traps that are durable and long lasting, giving our clients a superior product. Research trials are regularly conducted and the results are used to develop new trap designs and make improvements on existing ones.

Products available subject to registration in country of purchase.

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