Aphid Card

Target pest

Aphids as well as Thrips, Leaf miners and Whitefly.


Aphids feed by inserting their mouth-parts through the plant tissue, directly into the phloem and removing plant sap. Aphids can cause stunting of growth and plant/leaf deformities. They are responsible for the transmission of about 60% of all plant viruses on agricultural crops worldwide.

The key to preventing an aphid infestation is constant monitoring. Insects are drawn towards the highly attractive yellow Aphid Card™ and are immediately trapped on contact with our powerful Flytac® adhesive. Flytac® is an advanced, non-toxic adhesive manufactured by Insect Science®.

The Insect Science® Yellow Aphid Card™ is made from strong plastic and is reusable.

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  • Prior to hanging, Flytac® can either be applied directly to the Aphid Card™, or the card can first be enclosed in clear plastic wrap before applying the glue
  • The yellow Aphid Card™ should be attached to a pole with wire and positioned vertically 200 – 300 mm above the crop canopy in greenhouses, open fields, orchards or home gardens
  • Apply 1 card per 1 – 5 ha in open field and 1 – 2 cards per tunnel house
  • Additional cards can be placed near doors or vents to monitor extra movement into greenhouses
  • Cards should be counted and changed weekly or when they are full
  • Flytac® can be easily removed using our special Glue Remover


Length: 205mm
Width: 145mm
Weight: 300g
Wire: 260mm (galvanised)


1 pack contains 10 Aphid Cards™ and wire
Product includes sticky roll applicator (not sold separately)