Yellow & Blue Sticky Cards

Targeted pest

Thrips, Aphids, Leaf miners and Whitefly


The Yellow and Blue Sticky Card is a double-sided trapping system comprising a hanging wire and a pre-coated plastic card that is blue on one side and yellow on the other. These pre-coated cards use the scientifically proven UC grid, which comprises of the distinctive 24-block design. This simplifies counting, requiring that the insects are counted only on the 24 specially marked squares and multiplied by 5, for an accurate figure to be attained. The blue and yellow colour wavelength is scientifically proven to attract specific insects

Sticky Cards can be used in greenhouses, open fields, orchards, vineyards and home gardens to monitor Thrips, Aphids, Leaf miners and Whitefly populations. The glue is UV light stable and adheres more to the board than to human skin or clothing fibre.

Sticky Cards are environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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Attach the card and wire to a pole or trap stand
Open field: use 1 card per 2ha
Tunnel houses: use 1 card per 250m2


Trap: 125mm x 78mm
Wire: 210mm, non-rust steel (galvanised)
Weight: 32g
1 pack contains 20 cards

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