Sensus Trap

Targeted pests

Used for Marula fruit fly, Natal and Mediterranean fruit fly.
Capilure Red PheroLure® only attracts male Fruit flies.
Questlure Green PheroLure® mainly attracts female Fruit flies.

Three Fruit fly species are known to attack subtropical crops in Southern Africa, namely the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitate (Wiedemann); the Natal fruit fly, Ceratitisrosa (Karsch); and the Marula fruit fly, Ceratitis cosyra (Walker). All three species are indigenous to Africa. Ceratitis capitata occurs in many countries of the world, while Ceratitisrosa occurs only in Africa, Mauritius and Reunion. Ceratitis cosyra is restricted to Africa.


The Sensus Trap is a dry trap used for the monitoring of male and female Fruit flies. The trap consists of two main parts: a blue lid and a transparent bucket. Different lure capsules are used to attract male or female fruit flies, or both, and to kill them upon entering the trap.

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  • Attach a Capilure Red or Questlure Green to the inside of the lid, serving as an attractant
  • Place a dichlorvos block into the comb of the blue lid. This will release a gas that kills insects upon entering
  • Use 1 Capilure or 1 Questlure per trap
  • Use 1 trap per 5ha


  • Height: 125mm
  • Width: 115mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Wire: 60mm (galvanised)


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