Flytac® is a solvent-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, water-based adhesive, which becomes extremely tacky when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide. Flytac® is used as a paint-on adhesive for Aphid Cards, White Scale Cards, Yellow Cards and Blue Cards to ensure that insects attracted to these cards get stuck once they make contact with the card, thus enabling easier counting of target insects.

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First, apply glad wrap around (over) the monitoring card and then apply the FlyTac®. Slide all your pre-glued cards into the relevant Scale Card or Aphid Card Box® for easy transportation to the field or orchard. Hang these cards as prescribed for the target insect.

Collect and replace the cards each week. Once you have finished counting the insects caught, remove the glad wrap and the cards will be ready to repeat the process.

1kg of Flytac® can cover up to 500 cards.


Height: 120mm
Width: 135mm
Weight: 1.07kg


1kg of FlyTac®
25kg of FlyTac®

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