ACP Sticky Roll (Asian citrus psyllid)

Target pest

Asian citrus psyllid

View PDF: Asian citrus psyllid – ACP Surveillance


Lime green ACP Sticky Roll traps are used to attract, trap and monitor the Asian citrus psyllid.

The Psyllids are attracted to the lime green colour and trapped on its sticky surface.

The Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama or ACP) causes serious damage to citrus plants and their relatives. Burned tips and twisted leaves result from an infestation on new growth. Psyllids are also carriers of disease. The ACP adult is identified by its brown body and brown mottled wings with an interrupted band at the wing-apex.

  • Specific wavelength colour visually attracts insect on to sticky roll to monitor their presence
  • UV and sprinkler-irrigation resistant roll with an efficacy period of 8 -12 weeks
  • Pre-adhesive is applied and does not easily dry
  • The adhesive doesn’t have any colour or smell and is non-toxic
  • Not harmful to humans or crops

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  • Place the sticky rolls in citrus nurseries, greenhouses or shade houses to trap Asian citrus psyllid
  • The product excludes sticky roll applicator (sold separately)


  • Width: 300mm
  • Length: 100m long
  • Weight: 3,1kg.
  • Sticky roll applicator


Sold in individual rolls