Bucket Funnel Trap With Extension

Target pest

Beetles and Weevils


In addition to the standard Bucket Funnel Trap®, Insect Science® manufactures a Bucket Funnel Trap® with an extension. The trap is used to target Beetle and Weevil species. The trap offers an effective, eco-friendlier approach to overcome high pressure infestations.

The system consists of four heavy-duty parts, which slide into each other. The trap is suspended by a trap hanger using the top dome lid attachment. The PheroLure®, which attracts the insects, is placed inside the plastic cage that is inserted into the top of the dome lid. The dichlorvos block inside the bucket section kills all insects entering the trap.

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  • Height: 295mm
  • Width: 170mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Trap hanger: Black plastic



Sold individually