Yellow/Blue Sticky Roll

Targeted pest

  • Yellow Sticky Rolls are used to attract, trap and monitor Aphids, Flies, Leaf miners, Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, Thrips, Fungus gnats and many other types of insects
  • Blue Sticky Rolls target Western flower thrips


When you have an insect population in a large area that you need to monitor and trap, this sticky roll is the answer for you. Each sticky roll uses a wavelength colour (blue or yellow) that is highly attractive to specific targeted insects. This colour visually attracts insects to the trap, capturing them on the sticky surface and enabling growers to monitor their presence.

Sticky Rolls are UV and sprinkler-irrigation resistant and do not dry easily, remaining efficient for a period of 8 – 12 weeks. The adhesive doesn’t have any colour or smell and is not harmful to humans or crops.

Sticky rolls can be used for monitoring and crop protection from targeted insects.

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Place these sheets in greenhouses, shade houses and open fields to mass trap different pests.


Width: 300mm
Length: 100m
Weight: 3,1kg
Sticky roll applicator


Sold individually
Product excludes sticky roll applicator (sold separately)