Mass Trapping

The main purpose of mass trapping with semiochemical-based products is to catch as many of the target insect as possible to reduce overall numbers (see illustration below). Our responsible pest management approach means that we aim to do this without harming beneficial insects, such as bees and other pollinators. 

Pests are lured in large numbers to a high density of traps that contain an attractant (usually a food component or a pheromone, and in some cases using a specific colour). The pests are then killed either with an insecticide or a device that prevents their exit. This achieves a measure of protection by removing a sufficiently high proportion of insects from the population. Mass trapping usually aims to consistently reduce as many male insects as possible in order to also significantly reduce mating and, therefore, reproduction. For this reason, pheromones are usually female-produced sex pheromones that attract only males of their own species.

Mass trapping can be used in isolation for short and long-term pest management strategies to suppress or eradicate low-density, isolated pest populations.

However, its full potential is best achieved in combination with a programme that fits into the grower’s broader IPM strategy.

Our mass trapping solution: TrapAll™

TrapAll™: A.B.W (African bollworm)

TrapAll™: F.A.W (Fall army worm)

TrapAll™: MEGO (Ceratitis spp & Bactrocera invadens Fruit fly)

TrapAll™: S.P.W (Sweet potato weevil)

TrapAll™: T.A (Tuta absoluta)

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Layout guidelines 

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