Water Trap

This trap is specially designed for monitoring and mass trapping of small Lepidoptera moths like Tomato leaf miner, Potato tuber moth and Diamond back moth. Mass Trapping is very effective and makes it possible to reduce the chemical use and work well in IPM programs. Trap can also be used as a pitfall tarp for crawling insects. The addition of a UV protector agent increased the life expectancy of the trap.

The system consists of the water trough and a plastic cage for the pheromone which attracts the specific insects. Insects attracted to the pheromone in the cage drown when entering the water trap. To increase the effective of the water trough we recommend to mix a surfactant to break the water tension.

Keep minimum distance of 15-20 m between two traps.

Place it on the soil, at maximum height of 40 cm above ground level.

Water supply must be granted to be sure of the correct functioning of the trap.

For monitoring use 1 – 2 traps per 5 Ha and for Mass Trapping use between 20 – 30 traps per Ha depending on the crop.

Radius: 180 mm

Height: 60 mm

Weight: 320 grams

Sold individually.

How to assemble the Water Trap

Water Trap